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Cash Paid on the Spot for your Scrap Metal

Ferrous Metal

These metals have a large percentage of iron in its elemental composition. Steel is very easy to spot as any magnet will stick to this metal. Due to the current price of steel, we do not pay out unless we receive at least 500lbs. If you have less, we would still recycle your scrap for you at no charge.

Non-Ferrous Metal

Aluminum, copper, brass, lead and zinc as well as other non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic due to the lack of iron content. Advantages of this metal include its resistance to corrosion as well as its malleability.  We impose no weight limit but do pay more if brought to us in bulk.

Other Metals

Find out what other metals we recycle such as Catalytic Converters and Lead-Acid Batteries. We are constantly expanding to include a wide variety of metals to recycle in order to help our environment .

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